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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Can I please get a natural looking weave!

After spending 4 hours in a salon that was supposed to specialize in applying a weave I was very disappointed when I looked like a black chinese in the mirror by my eyes. On top of that,  the braids were so damn tight that I looked like a surprised black chinese.  And what was even more frustrating was the fact that these "stylist" in this so called hair extension shop are supposed to be licensed professionals. So after spending double the amount for a sew in( it was only supposed to be $50) I ended up spending $110 for the service and had to bring my own high quality human hair($189) I realized that these "certified , licensed, cosmetologist blah blah blah.... DID NOT KNOW HOW TO CUT OR STYLE A WEAVE!
Now i admit that i had a slight advantage when walking into this "specialty shop" True i had been a master natural hair care specialist for 10 years and true I had been doing extensions for the same amount of time.. but they didn't know that. So after letting the braider do her part(to tight) she had to get paid her $5 for braiding then getting into the "stylist" chair (sew in to tight) I realized that if you are going to sew in or glue in or what ever extensions into a persons hair then you need to know how to cut and style it ! i mean really cut and style. Not some simple bang or simple blunt cut but a real cut. After going home and taking this half ass looking "style" out of my head, I reapplied the whole weave, cut and styled it and got more compliments that what i had paid for! I started thinking why are there no specialty salons for just cutting and styling weaves?  I want stylists and teachers to just do better! I mean damn instead of focusing on how much  you should charge for the service or how  you should market your skills or what area to put your weave salon in I think you should be practicing on how to actually make a weave look beautiful and flawless. I am speaking particularly about these specialty shops. Stop trying to hustle and convince everybody around you that this is the best thing since sliced bread. When something is good it is self explanatory.... Ok i am getting a little frustrated... the point is Can there be a specialty hair salon that only cuts weaves? Will people pay for the service on a weekly or bi weekly basis? What would the price be? How do you train stylist (licensed or unlicensed) to cut a weave correctly? Am I asking too much?  We got to do better.