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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Re examine the "God Theory"

To be quite honest right now, My whole theory on GOD has changed. Not my belief in something higher than myself but my theory or what I have been trained to think as a child and young adult about GOD and Religion. I saw hundreds of people yesterday and the weeks prior to Mr. Davis execution. I saw people with shirts that read "I am Troy Davis" , I saw Arch Bishop Desmund TuTu, Pope Benedict XVI, and Rev. Al Sharpton go against this case. I saw where 650,000 people signed a petition to grant clemency for Mr. Davis, I saw people gathered in Jackson, Ga. holding vigils and prayer sessions for this man. Now I know that some will not agree with me here and that religious people will deny to infinity that "the lord knows best". But what if this has nothing to do with God? What if what we have been taught for years, and decades and centuries about faith, religion and God is not what it  really is? What if religion and the different sectors of religion was truly designed to create a false hope and a false belief? What if the belief in "God" as man has set forth for us to believe is actually all a lie?  How could a "God of a second chance" let anything happen to someone who is innocent? How could "the lord" not hear the hundreds upon hundreds of people praying for this man's life to be spared? I thought the saying is that "there is power in prayer" and "faith without works is dead" and "God is a forgiving God" WTH? None of this makes sense and you know why? Because the God of a second chance yesterday for Mr. Troy Davis was the supreme court justices and they waited three hours after this man was scheduled to die still strapped to a damn gurney waiting his fate and DENIED him his second chance. The supreme court justices were our Gods last night people. I am not trying to make anyone angry but the "THEORY" of God can not be accurate based on what happened yesterday and the weeks and months and years (22yrs to be exact) that this case has been fought in the court systems. We must re examine what it is to believe in a higher power that might truly only exist within us as human beings. It is clear to me that my theory on God is not accurate. I urge everyone to stop following what it is you think is correct based on what another human being "interpreted" in a book that is over 1000 yrs old. I urge us all to do our own research and see life for what it is not for what we hope it might be just so that we can be excused for everything we do "wrong" or is considered a "sin". A sin? really? They just found 35 bodies in a truck in Mexico where some of the bodies were  falling out of the truck on to the fucking highway!!!!!! 35 bodies!!!!!  The God that is watching all of this and allowing all of this after his "son" died for our "sins" makes no sense. So if you died for my sins that you know I was already going to commit then where is the second chance in that? I am not saying there is no GOD or we should give up as a human race but something just aint right about this "theory of God". I believe that the people that came up with this theory got exactly what they wanted. It has gotten people seperated and divided on things from the death penalty to the seperation of state and church. If its one nation under God how can anything be seperate?  Please believe in yourself and all that you do because if God exist it exist within each and every human being on this planet and it is up to us a human beings to allow the God in us to shine through in all that we do. THIS POST IS MY OPINION AND MY OPINION ALONE IT IS NOT MEANT TO DISCOURAGE OR DISRESPECT ANYONE OR ANYTHING. PLEASE INTERPRET WITH AN OPEN MIND AND OPEN EYES AND AN OPEN HEART.

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