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Friday, July 22, 2011

Taking a moment to talk.....

So this is the time where I like to just talk about some of the things I experience on a day to day basis.Sometimes its a situation that I actually experience and sometimes it is and experience that I observe happening to someone else.

Yesterday I decided to go to a very popular makeup and perfume store in the lenox mall ( i won't say the name, you can figure that out yourself) So I wanted to sample some makeup and maybe foundation and since I was going to a private event that night this would be perfect. I walked in and went up to the beauty bar area and begin explaining to the "makeup artist/sales rep" At first she was acting as if she didn't understand what I was requesting. I simply wanted her to do a sample of makeup on my face. I may buy or I may not buy a product. It should not have mattered because customer service does not have a stipulation that you have to buy or purchase something.  So the manager on duty walked over because she could see the confusion happening. "oh so you want your face to be made up in a simple way with samples" I said, "yes". "Oh no problem she will take care of you( makeup artist/sales rep) "your in good hands" ..So I explained again to the sales rep and she began applying a powder foundation on one side of my jaw. "there you go sista" , she said. I said in my mind (sista? what the hell?) I instead said, "oh this is nice and light and looks very clean". I still was not getting what I asked for. So she then told me that you can purchase a $50 -$150 gift card and then I could get my whole face made up. Okay may be she didn't hear me. I JUST WANT A SAMPLE DONE.  You know, all of the sample tubes that are in the store that you can put on but may need a little help and or advice from the pros in the store like make up artist and sales reps(you get my drift) So she then told me I could apply the other side of my face if I wanted to "sista". In my mind Im thinking why does this heffa keep calling me sista? I then was told by the manager the same thing about buying a gift card. She also told me that I could go around the store and check out some samples. (if i am not experienced with applying my own make up why would you not help or assist me) So I go around the store like a chicken with my head cut off and then another rep walks up to me out of nowhere actually and started helping me and showing me what color would go well with what I would be wearing that night. It literally took us 10 mins to apply a sample eyeshadow and sample lip gloss and sample  eyeliner and I was done yall. And I thanked the real makeup artist and sales rep who was helping me and you know what she said? She said this is what I do. "I am a make up artist and sales rep it doesn't hurt me to help you " I noticed that she had an accent and was not from this country. She told me she was from Zambia, South Africa. And at that moment it hit me.. A person from another continent could understand my needs as a customer (even if I was not buying at that moment) and understood that the way you make a person FEEL in a situation will make then remember that feeling everytime they see you or visit an establishment! I was humbled to see that the "sista" that would not help me who was an african american woman just like myself was more foreign to me than the woman from Africa who treated me like a valued customer. So at that moment I decided that the next day I was going back into that store, purchase the items I had just sampled the day before and tip the wonderful customer service oriented "sista" from another country for being so kind and professional( would that sales rep call a white woman or latina woman sista? hell to the no) making me FEEL like I was important enough to help(even if I wasn't buying anything at that moment). And to the woman who made me feel unimportant I let her and her manager know that customer service does not cost you anything to do but if you don't know how to make the customer FEEL like they matter(even if they are not buying anything at that moment) It could cost you more than a sale it could cost you the FEELING  of making others FEEL good about themselves at that moment and the sale. I also learned from the wonderful sales lady that helped me that day was sometimes people in your own neck of the woods can feel like a stranger to you and can  get so caught up in the hype of selling to others that they forget we are all still people and want to feel a certain way.  I encourage everyone to make a person today FEEL good about themselves. I dare you to say to someone who you don't know some thing that will make them feel better today. I dare you to say "hey I hope you have a fabulous day today" or "you have such a beautiful smile" or "I love that dress" or "stay encouraged my friend" or "no charge today its on me" you all catch my drift. BUT I DARE YOU TO MAKE SOMEONE ELSE FEEL BETTER TODAY. I DARE YOU. Marshawn Evan of ME university stated "People will remember you based on how you make them FEEL"   I will always remember Gillian from Zambia, South Africa for the way she made me feel in the beauty store that day and I will pass that feeling on to others......I DARE YOU TO DO THE SAME.......

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